1. About the Palissandro Stone.
  2. The application of the Palissandro Stone.
  3. Palissandro stone at Luxury Homes Vietnam.

Palissandro is a natural stone quarried in Italy, characterized by veins and stripes with neutral colors: beige, gray, brown, light blue… is an endless source of inspiration for creatives. Architect. In history, Palissandro was used to build famous buildings such as Milan Cathedral (Italy) and Pavia Church (Italy).

Palissandro used in the Pavia Church (Italy)

Heterogeneous veins and color variations when put together create a bookmatch or are purposefully arranged to create a magical space, making your work a unique design unmistable.

With distinctive stripes and neutral colors, Palissandro is suitable for modern designs, the perfect choice for facades and interiors to create a luxurious and elegant space.

Besides, Palissandro can be combined with many other stones skillfully to create different applications. At Luxury Homes Vietnam, we supply this stone line exclusively in Vietnam market, in the form of slap, or processed for floors, columns, walls, mosaic, cladding, countertops, furniture, sinks, sculptures. , …

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