Listen - Understand

Always put the customer as the focus, always listen to understand all the requirements of the customer.

Technology - Creativity

Applying advanced technology to aesthetic factors, experience creates products of outstanding value.

Professional - Dedicated

Always strive, work professionally, dedicated to service, customer satisfaction is the measure of quality.

Learn - Improve

Constantly learning, improving, transforming to bring high quality products and services.

Our technology

Machinery, engineering – technology imported from Europe is one of the biggest differences of Luxury Homes Vietnam compared to the rest of the industry. Right from the early days, with a long-term strategic vision, nearly 30 machinery and equipment were invested and imported from the world’s leading regions in the manufacturing and processing industry of natural stone. We are committed to products of Luxury Homes Vietnam with the highest precision and sophistication to satisfy all requirements for aesthetic value.



With modern European technology and machinery, a team of experienced workers, Luxury Homes Vietnam confidently meets all requirements in terms of quantity, quality and progress of domestic and foreign partners.


Luxury Homes Vietnam specializes in providing domestic and imported natural stones, exclusive stones, diverse in types, quantities and specifications to ensure quality sources.


A pioneer in the field of construction, natural stone tiling, long-term operation with European technology and experts.


We provide import and export services of electronic equipment in Vietnam and foreign markets


Luxury Homes Vietnam is proud to be one of the qualified contractors to construct and supply international standard natural stone with large scale and complexity to meet all the highest technical and aesthetic requirements. The proof is that hundreds of projects have been completed by Luxury Homes Vietnam, including both private and public works across the country…

Tràng Tiền Plaza

Hạng mục: Thi công nội, ngoại thất: ốp sàn, ốp vách, hành lang, phòng tắm nhà vệ sinh

Silk Path Sapa Hotel

Hạng mục: Thi công nội, ngoại thất: ốp sàn, ốp vách, hành lang, phòng tắm nhà vệ sinh

Grand Hotel

Hạng mục: Thi công nội, ngoại thất: ốp sàn, ốp vách, hành lang, phòng tắm nhà vệ sinh

Ngôi Nhà Đức

Hạng mục: ốp sàn, ốp vách, hành lang, thang máy


Thank you to our valued customers and partners for trusting and accompanying Luxury Homes Vietnam from the early days until now. After 10 years of construction and development, we always strive to bring projects and products. delicate, sustainable at the same time.



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