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Quarry House is located on top of a hillside, in the city of Valencia – Spain , designed by Ramón Esteve – a famous Spanish Architect and Designer, his works achieve a lot awards in the field of architecture and industrial design, most recently an Honorary Nominee in the architectural category for the landscape renovation of a house in the city of Fontanars – Spain

Quarry House is designed as a set of boxes that are stacked on top of each other, transparent with the outside space, the entire light and elegant cream color house stands out with the transparent Stone slabs amidst the Mediterranean forest landscape. .

The lower part of the house is surrounded by the ground, the upper part is designed throughout, wide open, can easily see the sea and the forest next door.

The transparent stone staircase with the light of the backlight plays the role of connecting the two spaces from the top down, using only light effects with natural materials, the most minimalist design can create a sense of lightness. and transparent in every step.

The terrace with open ceiling above the pool area, creates a peaceful feeling when overlooking the horizon, modern and elegant with the array of yellow Beige Translucent Stone columns.

The bedrooms with the transparent stone slabs placed to and calculate the light properly become extremely special, like other natural sculptures, both as decor and as lighting.

The whole house, with its open and transparent design, uses a lot of natural materials to create a special connection with the surrounding environment, becoming very special at night, when the lights are lit, the whole house is as if there were flames radiating warmth in the midst of the cold forest.

The house is designed as a set of overlapping cubes.

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