In order to complete hundreds of large and small projects across the country to meet the quality and aesthetic requirements while ensuring the progress, in addition to the experienced technical team who always cultivate knowledge, the team skilled workers, the technology factor plays an indispensable part. Equipment and machinery are imported from leading countries in the world in technology of processing machines and natural stone production. Thereby, expressing the long-term strategic vision of the Management Board of Luxury Homes Vietnam: always put quality first. We would like to briefly introduce some of the machines available at Luxury Homes Vietnam:

Contourfive NC 700 imported from Italy is an ideal machine for the art of sculpture and natural stone processing such as granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc. Capable of sculpting complex details. complex, requiring high precision and meticulousness such as: patterns, contours, reliefs, statues, stone columns, can chisel, turn blocks with hollow, complex shapes thanks to the rotating and fixed axis.

Waterjet cutting machine is a machine system using hydrodynamic machining method, capable of cutting with water that is compressed at high pressure and generates a high-speed water jet that impacts the surface, through which Can cut all kinds of materials. In order to cut natural stone, LHV engineers mix into the water jet a special abrasive to increase friction for easier cutting. At LHV, waterjet cutting machines are used to shape patterns, moisac, products assembled from many pieces of stone, …

With the lifting and rotating table system, it allows cutting and trimming to create inclined angles, curved to + 180 degrees, – 180 degrees, allowing tilting, changing direction of cutting, and changing direction when tilting, repeating cutting steps … .Suitable for the design of columns, vanity, floor, …

The rocks before being “finished”, will go through the process of “preliminary processing”, from large blocks of stone being broken down into smaller blocks or thick, large stone slabs, this whole process is done by Block Ice Cutter.

In the tiling operation, it is necessary to use many stone slabs of different sizes, for convenience and to ensure the accuracy of the design, we used the Slap Cutter to cut and shape, and move the tiles. Stone pieces are softer and faster.

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